Three Seat Sofa Clean

Upholstery furniture  used on a daily basis tends to get dirty. From pollutants like smoke, food smells, dirt and vomit. Of course, foods and drinks can easily spill entering the fabrics and leaving stains and water marks.

During the Spring and Summer pollen is a real issue, making sufferers sneeze and feel down. During the Autumn and Winter those stains and smells are compounded as you spend more time indoors.

Using a commercial Air flex 400 PSI with Sheer dry tool we will bring your upholstery back to life. Removing dirt, pollutants and stains. Perfect for that night-time curl-up! Upholstery can also be protected for months on end from most spills and pollutants as a protection can be added to the upholstery.

We use only the finest deodorizers which are on a comparison with the latest perfumes. We can also use non-perfumed deodorizers. This helps remove horrible smells and replacing them with heavenly scents!