Lounge carpet clean

I am equipped and trained to carry out hot water extraction carpet and dry cleaning as well as low moisture carpet cleaning.

Different cleaning methods:

The most common professional carpet cleaning method is the hot water extraction (also known as steam cleaning or carpet shampooing). The new modern method is low moisture cleaning which is carried out by a my latest machine, an Orbot Vibe which cleans all carpets and hard-floors machine and uses much less water. The results are amazing. A deep, luxury clean with super-fast drying times.  and only the Orbot Vibe can do light moisture deep cleaning of the carpets.

I offer a low-cost high-performance carpet lounge clean, in your home or business. Once the type of fibres that the carpet is made from it defines what the best method to use. If this is your first carpet clean for some time then a full deep hot water extraction is always best. That includes our top of the range vacuum to remove top soiling and other larger items in the carpet before extraction and spot and stain removing. The spot and stain removal includes dirt spots, stains like vomit and drinks, coffee, and many other stains. Issues can occur when customers use cheap remedies. These can fully stain a carpet and may not be able to be removed.

 Carpets will be vacuumed with a commercial machine removing deep dirt and debris. The carpets are then pre-sprayed using safe chemicals to further help removal of germs and topsoil’s, ready for rinsing and extraction. On inspecting, again,  the lounge carpet stains are then treated.

I offer comprehensive stain blocking and protection:

Stain protection product is applied by fine spray. This coats the fibres with an invisible shield without changing the look and feel of your carpets; Helping them look cleaner for longer and giving you much better chance to get rid of stains should any spillage occur.

The likes of vomit, pen inks and other stains will be removed where possible.

When it is all done, your carpets will be groomed and you will be provided with a pair of plastic overshoes to offer to visitors at your home, to keep your freshly cleaned carpets clean.

I will recommend to you if any stain cannot be removed.

I use professional products that genuinely removes the stains.

Our new range of products are fully approved and safe on all types of carpets including wool.