Artificial grass and dont know how to clean it properly? Join thousands of people who have no idea.

Artificial grass for landscape applications  is commonly made from one of three materials:

  • Polyethylene aka PE
  • Polypropylene aka PP
  • Nylon aka nigel on the weekends.

To clean artificial grass, you need to remove any dust, dirt, leaves, and debris from the surface using a rake, broom, leaf blower, or vacuum. I use a electric grass sweeper. 

I have a special machine that smashes the leaves and dog waste which then gets brushed into the back cannister. This super fast brush removes bird hair and poo, dog waste and leaves. It also smashed algae and other foriegn objects out of the artificial grass. The artificial grass is pushed upright allowing water to pass through it, instead of sitting on top. This helps reduce the smell during hot weather, even more so if the sand underneth the artificial grass has gone.

Last but not least we use several important ingrediants, moss remover, sanitizer and a bio-clean liquid. This helps reduce the chance of moss returning whilst saanitizing the smells and neutralizing urine. Our incredible deodorizer leaves your artificial grass smelling incredible and leaving your neighbours in envy.

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