Holiday home carpet cleaning

If you own your own holiday home you want to make sure that it is fit for purpose. This is especially important for all the flooring, carpets and and hard floors. Whenever a client uses your holiday home the chances that the carpet will become stained in some way is likely.

They are on holiday and have paid to relax. The obvious spills are tea, coffee as well as local area dirt and sand being brought in.

Most clients don’t always take their shoes off, and guests often come in, increasing the risk. There are much higher risks of course, young children and often pets like dogs having accidents on the carpets.

Standard cleaning with items from pound shops are often nothing more than glossing agents and bleach which can destroy the fabrics of the carpet.

The expense of a new carpet can be extremely high as well as not receiving income from your holiday home.

I am a professional holiday home carpet cleaner. We look to get your holiday home back to pristine condition. Not just smelling great but hygienic, spot and stains likes dog urine, mud and food stains whilst bringing the carpets back to former glory.

 First impressions last, so when your client walks through the door the first site will be pristine, great smelling, new like carpets. If you find that you are working away from your holiday home within reasonable distance we will pick up the keys and return them for a small fee.