Carpet cleaning tips – Maintaining carpets

The carpet in your home is an essential component of the interior. You have probably paid good money for it, but it is worth it. It adds the feeling of warmth in the place, and it completes the look with its colour and pattern. Overall, you want to keep it this way for as many years as possible.

A decent carpet can easily last 10 or more years. Of course, there are various factors that will significantly reduce this time, such as living with pets, high-foot traffic in certain areas, the occasional stain and spill, or some accident taking place in your home. According to experts, it is how you react to such problems and the overall maintenance and care you provide for the carpet that determine how long it will last. Following are 6 carpet cleaning tips that professionals recommend for a clean carpet that will remain in top condition for years to come:

  • Regular vacuum cleaning – one of the things you need to do for your carpet is to vacuum it on a regular basis. Without doing this simple chore, the fibres will accumulate a ton of dust, which will get embedded. Not only will it grind into the fabric, potentially leading to wear and tear, and also ruining the appearance of the carpet, but there are also health reasons to think about. A dusty carpet is far from being healthy for you, especially if you have allergies. Granted that no vacuum cleaner can remove 100% of the dust, it is still the best thing to use for everyday carpet maintenance. You should vacuum your home at least once a week, though if any areas see high foot traffic, you should increase the number of sessions.
  • Vacuum properly – while it may not seem like too big of a deal to grab the vacuum cleaner and run over the carpet, you can always improve your technique. Learn to go over each area slowly and rotate your vacuuming pattern. First go over the carpet in horizontal lines, and then switch to vertical. That way you will remove dust that previously remained within the fibres. Don’t forget to use attachments! These can be a true blessing when vacuuming in corners, and even allow you to use the vacuum cleaner for additional tasks, such as upholstery/mattress cleaning and vacuuming the interior of your car for example. Every few months be sure to move furniture and vacuum underneath.
  • Banish dirt from the house – prevention is the best cure, and that is a saying, which applies to carpet cleaning as well. Instead of bothering with dirt and other impurities on the carpet tracked in from the outside, you should leave them at the door. Simply insist that anyone walking in your home leaves their shoes at the door. Not only will this reduce the amount of dirt that ends up on the carpet, but also keep the environment in your home healthy and allergen-free.
  • Deal with stains the right way – stains are the bane of every carpet out there. Whether they come from some food or drink that you accidentally spilled, or they originate from your pets, you need to deal with them right away. Any delay means that the stain could become permanent. Also, learn what cleaning solutions you can use, because the product could prove dangerous to carpet fibres too. If you are calling in the pros, make sure you have them as soon as possible.
  • Special note for pet owners – according to professional carpet cleaners, pet urine is one of the toughest stains to clean. Because it is highly acidic, the chance for complete removal for that stain is slim. Take special time and care to train your pets well, in order to avoid the danger for your carpet. That way you will not come home to the unpleasant sight (and smell) of a pet stain.
  • Call in the professionals – even if you do your best to keep the carpet clean, it is still going to need some attention from the pros. Professional carpet cleaning companies utilise specialised gear, methods and solutions in order to clean your carpet thoroughly. Steam cleaning for example requires machinery that the company provides. The hot water extraction method guarantees a deep clean with supreme quality that mere vacuuming cannot match. It is best to have professionals clean your carpet at least two times a year.


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